To be listed on the LiveInCharleston app as an artist, organization, or venue you must have either a webpage or Facebook Page dedicated to your art.

To have your arts event included in our LiveInCharleston calendar, your must create an Event on a Facebook Page registered with us.

LiveInCharleston will automatically import Events from your Facebook Page into our Calendar; we update the Calendar daily during early morning hours. (We can not automatically import events from website or personal Facebook pages.)

LiveInCharleston excludes your Events that take place outside the Charleston metropolitan area, so it is no problem for you to use your Facebook Page to publicize those as well. For tips on how to optimally design Facebook Events for importing into LiveInCharleston, see the side bar on right (Desktop) or below (mobile).

If you would like help setting up a Facebook Page to promote your art, send us an email at and we will follow up to help you through the process, which takes less than 15 minutes.

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Tips for designing Facebook Events that will look great on Live In Charleston:

  • Use a photo that will get people’s attention
  • Include the artist/ensemble name in the Event Name
  • Include in the Details Section a link to the featured artist’s webpage or Facebook Page